About Trident Military Cigars

Trident Military Cigars stands proudly as a Veteran-owned company, offering an exquisite selection of hand-rolled, premium New World cigars crafted to be savoured in any setting, from battlefields to ballrooms. Embodying a deep reverence for history, our cigars carry the legacy of valour and resilience, honouring the camaraderie forged in training and operations alongside fellow warriors across the globe.

Our Commitment

Just some of our bragging rights

Our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional cigars; it extends to giving back to the community that has stood shoulder to shoulder with us. With unwavering support, we contribute to veteran-run charities, ensuring that those who have served are supported and cared for as they continue their journey beyond the uniform.

Our Products

In each puff of a Trident Military Cigar, you find not only the embodiment of craftsmanship but also the embodiment of our shared experiences. Join us in celebrating the spirit of unity, as we cherish the past and march forward, united in the camaraderie that spans from the most challenging battles to the most elegant gatherings.

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Rated 0 out of 5